About our Agrarian life

Learning to submit:  A woman, a man, three small dogs, one Big Dog, a new medium puppy, an old cat, fish, chickens, two mostly grown up kids, their assorted rag-tag friends, our ancient house, our overgrown yard, our sad garden, and our changing lives as we convert to the agrarian lifestyle and grow closer to God. Update: we ‘ve moved but are not in our permanent home. We are Foothills Folk no more. The house, garden and animals are gone for now, but we remain together in love and in the Lord.

What is agrarianism? Agrarianism is a religious, social and political philosophy which stresses the viewpoint that a rural or semi-rural lifestyle, most especially agricultural pursuits such as farming or ranching, leads to a fuller, happier, cleaner, and more sustainable way of life for both individuals and society as a whole.

Our family are Agrarian Separatists; we believe in separating from the urban culture and living rural lifestyles. That does not mean we are tech-phobes; tech helps us maintain contact with the rest of the world.

One response to “About our Agrarian life

  1. Christine Porovich

    Never heard of it..but fully believe in it! We also are seeking land to live off of..and in due time hope to end up in Oregon, awaiting a job transfer…though have many ideas to seperate from that 9-5 income and of course know how to live off the grid! Best of luck to you!

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